Latest News: Sales Tax Exempted Vide G . O . No, 1564 dt .17/8/2005

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Serveral aspects of each subjects are reproduced in great detail with bold labelling
so that each diagram is informative as well as self- explanatory.
An experienced team of Scientists and Artists discuss and research the subject in
our R & D Wing so as to produce authentic and accurate drawings.
Bio-visual Charts are made of water proof reinforced PVC Sheeting(Rexine) which
is flexible and wrinkle free.Therefore, their durability is virtually forone's life time.
Biovisual Charts are in the size of 125x100 cms (49.2" X 39.3") Human Anatomy
charts are in the size of 90X60 cms
All Charts are printed in two to twelve colours against Black/White back ground.

All Charts have a Price Code in this Catalogue as under

At present Vat is exempted on Chatrs as per A.P.G.O.No. 1564, Revenue (C.T.II) dt. 17.8.05

Your Order should accompay payment in adavance, in shape of a bank draft payable at Hyderabad along with your order.
Name and address of your bankers, through whome the documents are to be negotiated.
You may deposit your cheques Locally in our HDFC bank A/C Bio-Visual Products, A/c.No : 02852560007701.
Please mention your nearest transport point to which transport service is available.
We prefer to supply through Gati/XPS/Cargo on COD/FOD Basis.
Since we maintain a large inventoty in our warehouse.

We certify that we are the sole Manufacturers of Bio-Visual Charts. The charts can also be purchased out of U.G.C. grants for books and scientific equipment. We are registered with the National Small Inustries Corporation Ltd. (A Govt. of India undertaking) Under permanent Registration No. NSIC(H)GP/RS/ AND/ (B-57)/89. Units registered with this Corporation are considered to be at per with those registered directly with DGS & D.